• Energy-Efficient Nitrogen Generator for Single Quad LC-MS


Energy-Efficient Nitrogen Generator for Single Quad LC-MS

Jun 08 2023

Peak Scientific, a leading provider of laboratory gas generators, made a significant breakthrough in innovation during the 71st ASMS conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics in Houston, Texas. They proudly unveiled their latest innovation, the Horizen 24 nitrogen gas generator, designed specifically for Single Quad LC-MS applications. This ground-breaking product represents the culmination of 25 years of dedication to manufacturing nitrogen generation solutions for LC-MS.

The Horizen 24 is equipped with a range of proprietary technologies that make it the most efficient nitrogen generator created by Peak Scientific. Among its notable features are brushless compressors, which contribute to reducing power consumption by more than 50%. Additionally, a two-stage active moisture safeguard has been implemented to minimise the risk of moisture entering the gas stream. The generator also incorporates heat optimisation technology, which protects the membrane from water droplets, thus enhancing overall performance and reliability in the gas stream. These advancements ensure the production of ultra-dry, high purity nitrogen gas, ideal for LC-MS analysis.

Recognising the growing demand for energy-efficient solutions, Peak Scientific aimed to develop the most environmentally friendly nitrogen generator in the market while maintaining a compact footprint. The Horizen 24 accomplishes this goal by consuming over 50% less energy compared to previous models. By generating 55% less heat, it also helps laboratories reduce air conditioning costs. Moreover, the Horizen 24 plays a vital role in minimising the operational carbon footprint of labs when compared to traditional cylinder-based systems and similar generator models.

Fraser Dunn, Peak Scientific’s Head of Design Engineering, said of the launch, “Horizen 24 has truly been a giant leap for us at Peak in the benefits we can provide to labs around the world with this latest nitrogen generator for Single Quad LC-MS.

“The generator has been fitted with a number of new technologies which have helped us to achieve better energy efficiency than any other single quad nitrogen generator on the market. We’ve not only reduced the cost of ownership for labs, we’ve produced a nitrogen generator that is significantly smaller than its predecessor without compromising on quality, reliability or purity.”

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