• Live Webcast Nov 20: Maintain your Methods, Prolong your Helium Supply, and Save Your Budget with an Innovative Helium Solution

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Live Webcast Nov 20: Maintain your Methods, Prolong your Helium Supply, and Save Your Budget with an Innovative Helium Solution

Nov 06 2013

Event Overview:

The helium supply chain crisis has negative implications on research and laboratory operations worldwide. Rationing and delayed deliveries still cause difficulty in production planning and uncertainty in instrument productive uptime. Migration to the alternative and renewable carrier gases, primarily hydrogen, is seen as an option but requires modification and re-validation of methods and adjustment of the QA/QC criteria, while also including additional safety concerns.

Event Date: November 20, 2013 at 10:00am CST / 11:00 am EST / 16:00 GMT 

In this web seminar, we discuss a simple and safe helium solution that enables you to continue your analyses while keeping your methods intact, validation-effective, and regulation-compliant while alleviating helium supply concerns and extensive supply costs. Learn how this technology optimizes the flow and usage of helium when your instrument is idle, as well as during the analytical run, to eliminate potential waste typically observed in standard GC operations. Find out how to extend the lifetime of one helium cylinder to over 14 years under certain conditions and experience significant savings in both helium supply needs and financial costs throughout the lifetime of your GC-MS instrument.

Presenter: Alex Semyonov, GC-MS Product Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to alleviate helium supply concerns and extensive supply costs
  • Learn how to optimize and conserve helium usage while maintaining your validated methods
  • Learn how to sustain your GC or GC-MS operation for up to 14 years with one cylinder of helium

Who Should Attend:

  • Users of GC and GC-MS that are concerned with the reliability of their helium supply
  • Lab owners and directors aiming to save up to 70% on the helium costs
  • Analytical chemists challenged with migrating their methods to hydrogen carrier gas

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