• A Step Change in Sensitivity with Mass Spectrometer Range

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A Step Change in Sensitivity with Mass Spectrometer Range

Nov 03 2014

The Xevo TQ-S from Waters is designed for the most demanding quantitative UPLC/MS/MS applications. The ultimate in tandem quadrupole performance allows you to achieve unrivalled sensitivity and robustness, available to everyone due to the accessibility of the Xevo platform.

The innovative StepWave ion guide, delivers the highest levels of sensitivity and robustness. The Xevo TQ-S enables the lowest detection limits to be achieved for the most challenging analyses, whilst maintaining instrument up time, due to the innovative active separation of ions from neutrals.

With its unique collision cell, Xevo TQ-S enables you to better address your analytical needs with the option to operate in ScanWave enhanced product ion scanning mode. This mode enables you to more easily confirm the identities and structures of your analytes of interest, at the low concentrations required. What’s more, this is done whilst retaining all of the capabilities of the standard T-Wave collision cell. This ensures the very best MRM quantification data for your demanding, high speed, and high resolution UPLC/MS/MS assays.

Some challenges for quantitative methods are: calculating compound concentrations in addition to the detection of unexpected contaminants; characterisation of the background matrix for every sample, increasing data quality; detection of analytes that are not in a targeted multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) screening method; improving method development by discovering more matrix components.

These challenges may be overcome by using RADAR which is the ability to obtain full scan (MS) and MRM (MS/MS) data simultaneously.

 Product Ion Confirmation scanning (PICS) allows you to have full confidence in your results. Activated by a single check box in the method editor, PICS automatically triggers a product ion scan when a peak is detected by MRM.

Universal ion source architecture ensures coverage of every application, with unlimited potential. The Xevo range of mass spectrometers all have multiple ion source options which are interchangeable in minutes and provide optimal ionisation for each function required in the laboratory. The Xevo TQ-S micro may be used with ESI, ESCI, APCI, APPI, APGC, ASAP, nanoflow ESI and ionKey and is also compatible with DESI (Prosolia), DART (IonSense) and LDTD (Phytronix) ion sources.

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