• Super-resolution microscopy across diverse applications
    Zeiss Lattice SIM family: Lattice SIM 3 (left), Lattice SIM 5 (middle) and Elyra 7 (right).

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Super-resolution microscopy across diverse applications

Jan 11 2024

Zeiss, a pioneer in microscopy solutions, is introducing an innovative addition to its product portfolio with the Zeiss Lattice SIM product family. This development aims to harness the complete potential of structured illumination microscopy (SIM), expanding the capabilities beyond the established super-resolution microscope, Zeiss Elyra 7.

Comprising two new members, Zeiss Lattice SIM 3 and Zeiss Lattice SIM 5, this product family uses structured illumination to overcome the physical resolution limitations of light microscopy. Each system is designed to cater to specific fields of application, broadening access to super-resolution imaging across diverse domains.

In contrast to conventional structured illumination methods, Zeiss Lattice SIM employs a lattice spot pattern, enhancing imaging speed, contrast, and minimising light exposure. This distinctive approach makes Lattice SIM particularly advantageous for live cell imaging. Additionally, the microscopes in the Zeiss Lattice SIM family integrate SIM Apotome technology, facilitating fast, high-resolution optical sectioning of larger samples such as cell culture models, organoids, and developing organisms. The innovative SIM² image reconstruction algorithm further doubles the SIM resolution.

Addressing unique application needs, Zeiss Lattice SIM 3 caters to multicellular organisms and tissue sections, excelling in fast optical sectioning with superior quality, large fields of view, near-isotropic resolution, and gentle super-resolution imaging. Zeiss Lattice SIM 5 is optimised for single-cell imaging, capturing subcellular structures and their rapid dynamics with outstanding super-resolution down to 60 nm in both living and fixed cells.

Zeiss Elyra 7 integrates various microscopy techniques such as Lattice SIM², SIM² Apotome, single-molecule localisation microscopy (SMLM), and total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF). This comprehensive approach allows users to combine techniques for deeper insights into specimens and correlation of acquired data, particularly focusing on SMLM for molecular-level resolution.

With the Zeiss Lattice SIM product family, researchers gain precision in addressing specific experimental requirements, balancing sample size, imaging speed, and super-resolution capabilities. These cutting-edge imaging tools open new avenues for discoveries in organoid research, cell biology, developmental biology, neuroscience, immunology, and pharmaceutical research.

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