• HPLC 2022: 50th International Symposium and Exposition - California, June
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HPLC 2022: 50th International Symposium and Exposition - California, June

Feb 15 2022

HPLC 2022 the world’s largest conference shaping the future of separations and analyses in liquid –phase will take place this year in San Diego, California. This 50th International Symposium and Exposition on HPLC and related techniques will take place in San Diego, California USA on 18-23 June  2022. The HPLC series of symposia is the longest running, highly recognised, international chromatographic conference; topics for this event will include medicine, biology, environment, manufacturing, agriculture and the science underlying separation processes. Special emphasis will be on the life sciences where scientists and researchers from around the world will present the latest trends and issues in areas such as column technologies, 3D-printing, multidimensional LC, capillary LC, SFC, micro- and nanofluidics, omics, mass spectrometry, electrophoresis, sample preparation, separation theory, machine learning and artificial intelligence, natural products, food, environment, sustainability, emerging markets and a myriad of other topics related to liquid-phase separations and analyses.

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