• Combined Technologies could bring New Opportunities in Healthcare R&D
    Signing of the strategic collaboration agreement: (from left) Dr. Stefan Sacré, Head of ZEISS in Japan, Prof. Dr. Hiroshi Matsumoto, President of RIKEN, and Dr. Yoshihiro Aburatani, President RIKEN Innovation

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Combined Technologies could bring New Opportunities in Healthcare R&D

Feb 28 2020

A partnership exploring new approaches to healthcare through combining expertise in bioengineering and data management has been announced by Zeiss and Riken Innovation Co Ltd. “We are proud to complement RIKEN’s broad-spectrum and extensive basic research through our expertise in biomedical imaging, which we see as a fundamental ingredient for turning bioengineering into viable healthcare solutions. The success of leading-edge research requires not only ground-breaking ideas but also access and management of advanced scientific equipment. Highest level of instrument availability and advanced image data management are key to efficient R&D”, said Dr. Stefan Sacré, Head of ZEISS in Japan.

RIKEN’s extensive R&D infrastructure and imaging resources provide an excellent base for collaboration between RIKEN and ZEISS. Hiroshi Matsumoto, President of RIKEN, commented that the “agreement with ZEISS, a corporation which has earned a high level of trust world-wide as a manufacturer of high-precision microscopes and optical instruments, represents a new kind of partnership that does not merely focus on separate research topics. I look forward to an environment in which our partners at ZEISS and researchers at RIKEN engage in free and open discussions and for RIKEN Innovation to support both organisations in their strategic planning. I expect that this will lead to collaborative research activity of the highest level and the pioneering of new fields.”

RIKEN Innovation President Yoshihiro Aburatani added, “RIKEN Innovation was founded on September 5, 2019 as fully-owned subsidiary of RIKEN. Our purpose is to serve as an external entity to support RIKEN in promoting and facilitating industry-academia collaboration and to actively perform the work necessary for collaborative projects with industrial partners, which will put RIKEN’s research achievements to work for society. I am very happy for this opportunity to work with ZEISS, a highly respected corporation in the fields of optics and optoelectronics. We will work diligently so that this large-scale collaborative effort is successful, which will also serve to benefit society.”

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