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Elemental lab makes acquisition

Mar 05 2024

Elemental Microanalysis, a leading global supplier to the elemental analysis market, is pleased to announce an investment in additional analysis equipment which will increase their IRMS analysis capabilities.

A division of Elemental Microanalysis, Elemental Lab is a UKAS Accredited Testing laboratory (No. 4260) and is approved by Merck® Millipore UK. The UKAS ISO17025 accreditation is for CHNOS organic elemental analysis as well as protein analysis. Elemental Lab is well-versed in handling air sensitive samples and analysis capabilities include: CHNOS, total organic carbon, OFC-IC (halogen), and EA-IRMS (stable isotopes) as well as inorganic. Elemental Lab serves academic, commercial, and research labs across the globe.

In 2022, Elemental Lab brought in David Castle to support Elemental Lab’s acquisition of isotope ratio mass spectrometry (IRMS) instruments calibrated for carbon and nitrogen analysis. A 20-year veteran of stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer instrumentation, David has taken the lead in further expanding Elemental Lab in 2024 with additional instrumentation for stable isotope ratio analysis (SIRA).

Beginning in Q2, SIRA will be available for:

  • Hydrogen 2H / 1H
  • Carbon 13C / 12C
  • Nitrogen 15N / 14N
  • Oxygen 18O / 16O

Typical stable isotope ratio analysis applications include:

  • Agriculture – e.g., cellulose, plants, soil, water
  • Ecology – e.g., animal tissues, atmospheric carbon dioxide
  • Food Authenticity – e.g., honey, maple syrup, water or sugar in fruit juice, wine
  • Forensics – e.g., organic liquid, organic solid, collagen
  • Geochemistry – e.g., brine, carbonate, kerogen, oil fraction, whole oil
  • Medicine – e.g., amino acid by decarboxylation, carbon dioxide in breath, decarbonate in blood, doubly labelled water, total body water (TBW), total energy expenditure (TEE), urea breath test
  • Standard Calibration

“The lab team at Elemental Microanalysis is excited to expand our business footprint in the analysis space,” notes David Castle, R&D and Applications Specialist for Elemental Microanalysis. “Through this instrument acquisition, Elemental Lab customers will now have
access to a larger capacity lab and a far broader range of stable isotope analysis. As a business, our ability to serve customers has greatly expanded.”

Stable isotope analyses now offered by Elemental Lab will include:

  • 13C and 15N EA-IRMS, both dual and single species
  • 2H and 18O in aqueous samples, via the equilibration method
  • 18O in solid organic samples
  • 13C in breath samples
  • 13C and 18O in carbonates
  • 13C in dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC)

The new Elemental Lab SIRA service will be available in early Q2 2024. Customers interested in getting in touch with Elemental Lab can reach out today.

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