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Experience and Enthusiasm Team Up

Oct 31 2022

Following strategic laboratory expansion and investment in additional analysis equipment to improve analytical and technical capabilities, Devon-based Elemental Lab has announced the appointment of David Castle, a 20-year veteran of the laboratory and scientific instrumentation fields and graduate Fergus Long to its team members.

With expertise in stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer instrumentation, David was brought in to support Elemental Lab’s three recently acquired isotope ratio mass spectrometer (IRMS) instruments - two calibrated for Carbon and Nitrogen analysis and another for Sulphur analysis. He has joined the Oakhampton company after more than 10 years as a technical specialist and installation manager at Sercon Ltd and has five year’s prior experience working as a senior test and installation engineer with GV Instruments Ltd.

With a BSc specialising in Geology from the University of Southampton, David also achieved a Master of Research in Surface and Interface Science and Engineering from the University of Manchester and is currently working on his PhD in Surface Science at the University.

Fergus, an Okehampton native with an interest in conservation, ecology and flooding, was excited to find a testing lab environment whose client analysis needs echoed his own interests. He will be focused on Elemental Lab’s total organic carbon (TOC) analysis process as his field of specialty within the lab as well as participating in other analysis types. He has a BSc with a focus on Environmental Science gained at the University of Plymouth.

“Elemental Lab continues to invest in resources - be they staff or equipment - to support the quality of results of our academic and industrial customers,” noted Jon Davies, Senior Technical Advisor for Elemental Lab. “Our robust capability combined with our focus on reliable results are among the reasons why customers have placed their trust in Elemental Lab for more than 40 years and why our customers continue to rely on Elemental.”

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