• New Multi-Functional EGA/PY-3030D Pyrolyser

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New Multi-Functional EGA/PY-3030D Pyrolyser

Apr 16 2011

Frontier Laboratories Ltd celebrated its twentieth anniversary by opening Frontier Laboratories US, participating in its first Pittsburgh Conference and introducing the Multi-Shot Pyrolyzer EGA/PY-3030D. Frontier Laboratories US will support its U.S. distributors with technical training and applications expertise. The Company’s’ goal is to ensure that every Frontier customer receives the best instrumentation, the best training and the best after sales care in the industry.

The EGA/PY 3030D pyrolyser is a fourth-generation, multi-functional GC inlet that is used to chemically characterise most liquids and solids. Like previous Frontier pyrolysers, the 3030D utilises a temperature programmable vertical micro-furnace. Every aspect on this evolutionary product has been re-engineered in order to
decrease cycle time, simplify maintenance procedures and improve data quality. The 3030D comes with a two-year warranty – a first in the analytical instrumentation industry.

The new Multi-Shot Pyrolyzer offers a choice of six analytical techniques: evolved gas analysis (EGA), thermal desorption (TD), reactive pyrolysis (RxPY), single-shot pyrolysis (Py), multi-shot thermal desorption/pyrolysis and heart cutting (HC-EGA). Analytical results from the various techniques can be processed using Frontier’s F-Search Polymer Identification software. Four MS libraries are available. The Polymer library matches an unknown using the entire peak profile of the pyrogram, the pyrolysates library searches and matches individual compounds. The EGA library compares the EGA thermogram of the unknown with those in the library. The additives library contains the mass spectra of over 360 additives commonly used in the polymer industry.