• Four New Products for Enhanced Pyrolysis Analysis
    The MicroJet Cryo-Trap MJT-2030E.
  • The Multi-Functional Sampler MFS-2015E.
  • The Cryogenic Mill “IQ MILL-2070".
  • The Selective Sampler SS-2010E.


Four New Products for Enhanced Pyrolysis Analysis

Feb 02 2022

Frontier Laboratories Ltd has launched four new products around the Multishot Pyrolyzer EGA/PY-3030D, their state-of-the-art vertical furnace pyrolyser (for Py-GC/MS), equipped with a programmable ceramic heater, enabling, beside single shot pyrolysis, thermal desorption, heart cut and evolved gas analysis.

The Micro-Jet Cryo-Trap MJT-2030E is an excellent tool for energy efficient rapid cooling and instant thermal desorption (TD-GC/MS). Trapping of low boiling compounds (CO2, ethane, etc) is possible due to the liquid nitrogen jet flow and cooling temperature of -196ºC. It enables automatic heart cut analysis of gases evolved from Multishot Pyrolyzer. The Selective Sampler SS-2010E is provides Heart-Cutting of desired Peaks and comes with a new Flow Switching System.

Various atmosphere gases (He, Air, etc) can be used. The Multi-Functional Sampler MFS-2015E makes splitless Pyrolysis possible without compromises, enabling 100x improved sensitivity (with LOQs in pg range). The MFS shortens analysis time by backflushing, solvent venting is also possible. It is the ideal tool for trace analysis, such as μ- and nano-Plastics, and additives detection. The new Cryogenic Mill IQ MILL-2070 is easy to use and simple to operate. Fast and efficient high-speed milling is enabled by 3D/8-figure crushing ball motion. It pulverises samples at highest uniformity, homogeneity, and reproducibility.

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