• 2008 Events Bulletin is Released.

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2008 Events Bulletin is Released.

Nov 28 2007

EuroSciCon have now released their meetings calendar for 2008. There are some great events lined up and for some, the early registration deadlines are fast approaching. Here are two such meetings:

'Bacteriophages: Nature and Exploitation', Friday, February 22, 2008 at BioPark Hertfordshire.
The early registration deadline is December 20th 2007.

Introduction by the Chair: "The wonderful world of bacteriophages" Professor George Salmond, University of Cambridge, UK

Prophages, genomic islands and bacterial evolution, Dr Nick Thomson, UK

STX-phages and virulence gene dissemination in pathogens, Dr. Heather E. Allison, School of Biological Sciences, University of Liverpool, UK

Bacteriophage abortive infection systems, Dr Peter Fineran, University of Cambridge, UK

Novel anti-phage systems in bacteria, Professor Maggie Smith, Institute of Medical Sciences, University of Aberdeen, Scotland

Use of phages for detection of bacterial pathogens, Dr Catherine E.D. Rees, University of Nottingham, UK

Biotechnological challenges of phage therapy, Professor Mikael Skurnik, University of Helsinki, Finland

Commercialisation of Phage, Dr Nick Housby, Chief Executive Officer, Novolytics Limited, UK

Phage vaccines for aquaculture, Dr John B. March,Pentlands Science Park, Scotland

The clinical realities of phage therapy, Mr James Soothill, Great Ormond St Hospital, London

'Analysing the Phenotype and Function of regulatory T cells' meeting, March 7th 2008.

Please note that this event is restricted to 66 participants so WE RECOMMEND BOOKING EARLY to avoid disappointment.
The deadline for early registration is January 20th 2008.

Introduction by the Chair: Dr Catherine Derry, Science Communicator
Human Regulatory T cells - generation and maintenance Dr Milica Vukmanovic-Stejic, UCL, UK

Targeting regulatory T cells in patients with rheumatoid arthritis Professor Michael Ehrenstein, University College London, UK

The role of regulatory T cells in acute Dengue infection Dr Kerstin Luhn, University of Oxford UK

How Treg suppression is overcome during onset of spontaneous diabetes? Dr Lucy Walker, Institute of Biomedical Research, University of Birmingham, UK

Interactions between CD4+CD25+ regulatory T cells and monocytes/macrophages: implications for the immune response Dr Leonie Taams, King's College London, UK

FOXP3+ regulatory T cells as biomarkers in human malignancies Dr Alison H. Banham, University of Oxford, UK

IL-10 and regulatory T cells in allergy and asthma Dr Catherine Hawrylowicz, King's College London

The Impact of Tregs on Immune Responses to Tumours Dr Awen Gallimore, Cardiff University, UK.

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