• Collaboration Brings Commercial Application of X-ray Detector

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Collaboration Brings Commercial Application of X-ray Detector

May 23 2008

The Medipix2 chip is a revolutionary photon counting X-ray detector, developed by the Medipix Collaboration. This project involves CERN
(European Organisation for Nuclear Research) and PANalytical as well as other leading research institutes including Nikhef, the National institute for subatomic physics in the Netherlands.
Medipix2 consists of a 300 $B&L (Bm silicon detector layer, which is attached to a pixel readout chip with 256×256 55 $B&L (Bm square pixels. Medipix2 has applications ranging from materials analysis to medical imaging. Senior System Architect at PANalytical, Dr. Klaus Bethke, said: “PANalytical’s role in the Medipix2 Collaboration has been to transfer the technology from CERN and develop it into a product. With the introduction of the PIXcel detector we have reached this important milestone”.
The original aim of the Medipix2 collaboration was to develop the system for medical imaging, such as mammography and heart investigations.
However, one of the many advantages of the Medipix technology is that it has a very broad industrial relevance, with applications ranging
from cement to pharmaceuticals.
The company’s work in developing PIXcel was recognised earlier this year, when Dr. Bethke, (pictured) was awarded a gold medal at the
35th International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, Switzerland. The jury awarded the prize for the pioneering work to develop the
PIXcel detector and for the company’s overall contribution to the Medipix2 collaboration.

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