• Microscopy in Microbial Imaging and Public Health: July 4 Manchester

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Microscopy in Microbial Imaging and Public Health: July 4 Manchester

Jan 19 2023

The RMS has partnered with Microbiology Society to offer its members the opportunity to attend the sessions on Microbial Imaging & Public Health at the mmc2023 conference.  

The cross-society meeting will help promote further interdisciplinary links by bringing a wide audience of imaging scientists and microbiologists together to promote knowledge exchange and collaboration across the fields.
Microbiology Society delegates are invited to register, attend and present their research pertaining to the scheduled sessions on 'Public Health: The Impact of Microscopy' and 'Microbial Imaging' on Tuesday 4th July 2023 at Manchester Central, 09:00-18:30.

These sessions have been organised as part of the mmc2023 programme and will feature invited and accepted abstracts from those working at the interface of microbiology and the measurement & imaging sciences.

The RMS looks forward to welcoming microbiology colleagues by providing access to the trade show and exhibition, attendance at the morning plenary talk, attendance specifically for the Public Health and Microbial Imaging sessions and the evening poster sessions on the 4th July 2023.
Delegates from both the RMS and Microbiology Society are invited to submit oral or poster abstracts for either the 'Public Health: The Impact of Microscopy' or 'Microbial Imaging' sessions.

Abstract deadline: 10th February 2023

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