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Laboratory Ovens for Biotech, Pharmaceuticals and Materials Manufacturing

Aug 31 2021

Providing uniform and precise temperature control for annealing, curing, drying, sterilising and much more, Froilabo’s laboratory ovens are an essential tool for Biotech, Pharmaceuticals and Materials Manufacturing.

State-of-the art ventilated laboratory ovens, they cater for temperature ranges from ambient to 250°C and are essential in clinical, forensic, electronics, material processing and research laboratories.

Standard use of laboratory ovens includes integral testing and troubleshooting processes such as electronics testing, material testing to determine strength, solder strength testing in circuit boards and the heating and drying of glassware for sterilisation.

However their applications don’t stop there, as more advanced uses of ventilated ovens are carried out in specialised biological, forensic and environmental labs. For example, the natural sciences often utilise laboratory ovens to advance the pace of critical scientific research through the removal of microbiological contaminants or the drying of specimens to determine moisture content.

For 100 years, Froilabo has been an expert in the production of laboratory instrumentation focusing on temperature and humidity control. Froilabo offers a wide range of high temperature ovens, which have been carefully designed to meet all applications. To adapt to specific customer needs, the range includes varying capacities from 60 litres up to 714 litres. All ovens are fully ventilated and designed for precision thermal testing of ambient temperatures from +10°C to +250°C.

Froilabo’s range of Air Performance industrial ovens has been developed to meet applications that require speed, precision and homogeneity. This is particularly suitable for drying, sterilisation and thermal tests and with a high efficiency turbine, saves valuable time.

The Air Expert range of ovens also includes advanced functionality enabling optimisation and permanent control of the enclosure.

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