• Compact dry scroll pump expands vacuum choices

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Compact dry scroll pump expands vacuum choices

Sep 29 2023

Introducing the mXDS3

Edwards has expanded its dry scroll pump series with the introduction of the mXDS3, a compact, lightweight pump delivering exceptional dry pumping performance. With a pumping speed of 3m³/h, this addition complements Edwards' current range of small dry pumps, which encompasses the nXDS scroll pump series, spanning from 3 to 120m³/h.

The mXDS3 serves as a sustainable alternative to traditional oil-sealed rotary vane pumps, eliminating the need for oil maintenance, replacement, or disposal. These scroll pumps are not only eco-friendly but also feature lower power consumption compared to pumps with similar capacities.

In addition to its environmental advantages, the mXDS3 has an impressive ultimate vacuum performance of 0.1mbar, making it ideal for supporting turbomolecular pumps. Edwards offers the mXDS3 in both standard and configured versions, the mXDS3s, which includes a built-in inlet valve, providing flexibility for end users, OEMs, and system builders.

Edwards Product Manager, David Goodwin said: “I am delighted to introduce this new small dry pump which is a great addition to our scroll pump portfolio. This gives us the opportunity to provide our customers more choice and fills a gap in the diverse range of products we offer.”

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