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Precision liquid dosing and transfer diaphragm pumps

Feb 08 2024

Simple, intuitive, highly precise

Whether chemical reactors, electrolysis, redox flow, polymer chemistry or transferring from large containers into small ones: in numerous laboratory applications, precise dosing and constant transfer of liquid media is crucial for optimum results. KNF diaphragm liquid dosing and transfer pumps always deliver absolute accuracy and therefore reliably reproducible outcomes.

When selecting the optimum pump for a laboratory application, the desired dosing volume as well as the type of chemicals and the type of control (manual and/or external) play an important role in making the right choice. KNF diaphragm liquid pumps allow users to choose the pump that is best suited to their individual needs.

With easy calibration and consistent flow rates of 0.03 to 100 ml/min, the SIMDOS® dosing pump adapts to any dosing volume and guarantees highly precise results and a long-term stable repeatability of +/- 1 per cent. Small footprint, quiet operation and low vibration combined with maximum performance and intuitive operation make it the first choice for laboratory users with the highest demands on precision and efficiency.

The LIQUIPORT® transfer pump is a safe and reliable option for the efficient transfer of liquids, offering flow rates from 0.2 to 3.0 l/min. The desired flow rate can be adapted precisely to any requirement and can be set easily and intuitively using the adjustable control knob.

Various material combinations, including PTFE, PVDF, PP and FFKM, ensure optimum chemical resistance of the SIMDOS® and LIQUIPORT® pumps, making them suitable for use with a wide range of liquids in the laboratory. Both pumps are safe to run dry, self-priming and maintenance-free. Equipped with a manual LCD graphic display or an external control option via RS-232, they offer easy and convenient operation at all times.

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