• New Software Suite Enhances Raman Microscopy Capabilities


New Software Suite Enhances Raman Microscopy Capabilities

Mar 17 2023

Latest enhancements include a multi-user management system and a portable coordinate system

WITec GmbH, a specialist in Raman microscopy, has launched Suite SIX, the latest software for controlling Raman and correlative measurements, as well as data acquisition and post-processing. The software has been designed to further enhance the highly configurable alpha300 microscope series by providing multiple user profiles, support for regulatory compliance, and advanced sample navigation features.

Suite SIX's multi-user management feature empowers the site administrator to assign instrument functionalities and data access rights to each system login, assisting labs in their efforts to comply with good practice (GxP) guidelines such as the US Food and Drug Administration's 21 CFR Part 11, which is essential for pharmaceutical research and development. Moreover, the software enables users to create a repository of unique hardware configurations, which simplifies the process of conducting recurring experiments.

As described by Dr Wolfram Ibach, Director of Software at WITec: “Suite SIX lets industrial facilities and research groups virtually customise the microscope for each individual user, with the appropriate feature set and data handling protocols. This accelerates the experimental workflow while ensuring compatibility with their training and standard operating procedures.”

TrueOrigin, the portable coordinate system integrated within Suite SIX, enables quick location of measurement areas relative to markers on the sample holder or features on the sample. This accelerates the correlation of data collected through multiple techniques from the same position, even if the sample is transferred between instruments. It also allows users to import sample images captured with an external camera to navigate to a specific area of interest and facilitate project documentation.

“Anyone performing correlative measurements on multiple instruments knows how time-consuming it can be to find a particular area or feature after re-mounting a sample,” said Dr Thomas Dieing, WITec Product Manager. “Our portable coordinate system automates that process so researchers can go right to the next measurement, even on another microscope.”

WITec Suite SIX is available now.

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