• Novel reagents drive breakthroughs in Parkinson's and sleep disorder research
    BioPORTERĀ® protein delivery reagent kit enables direct translocation of proteins into living cells.


Novel reagents drive breakthroughs in Parkinson's and sleep disorder research

Feb 26 2024

In a recent blog post, AMSBIO sheds light on the ground-breaking strides achieved in Parkinson's disease research, hypersomnia studies, and eco-friendly microbial ester production facilitated by their innovative BioPORTER®, Detachin™, and SoluLyse™ reagents. These reagents play a pivotal role in elevating research efficiency, precision, and reproducibility.

A collaborative initiative led by Dr Wenjing Wang at the University of Michigan and Dr Xiaobo Mao of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine has propelled significant advancements in potential therapeutics for Parkinson's disease. The utilisation of the BioPORTER® protein delivery reagent kit enabled seamless transduction of α-syn preformed fibrils to HEK293T cells, unravelling the relationship between α-syn aggregation and PFFNB2. BioPORTER® utilises biocompatible polymers to encapsulate and shield proteins during delivery, ensuring stability and activity for more accurate and reproducible outcomes.

Dr Andrew Jenkins and his team at the University of Saint Joseph are trailblazers in repurposing compounds to address sleep disorders, particularly hypersomnia. Employing Detachin™ Cell Detachment Solution, the researchers prepared cells for electrophysiological analysis, ensuring high cell viability and functionality through a reliable detachment process. This step is crucial in cell culture experiments, and Detachin™ minimises the risk of altered cell behaviour.

Microbial production of short-chain esters presents an eco-friendly alternative to chemical synthesis, yet challenges in low yields persist. Dr Arul M. Varman at Arizona State University and Dr Ryan Davis from Sandia National Laboratories harnessed the SoluLyse™ Bacterial Protein Extraction Reagent to streamline and expedite the extraction of high-quality protein from E. coli. This efficient formulation ensures optimal cell lysis without compromising protein integrity, addressing the challenge of low yields in microbial ester production.

Dr Maja Petkovic, Business Unit Manager at AMSBIO, emphasised the transformative impact of these reagents, stating: "Replacing basic life science reagents with products like BioPORTER®, Detachin™, and SoluLyse™ can lead to significant improvements in your research outcomes, offering enhanced performance and convenience for more reliable and reproducible results."

Read the full blog post for comprehensive insights. For further details on innovative products for cellular and microbial research, contact AMSBIO or visit their website.

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