• New Reagents for Transfection


New Reagents for Transfection

Dec 22 2011

MP Biomedicals is proud to launch the new range reagents for outstanding transfection results in a broad range of cell types, including difficult- to transfect-cells. NanoPorter™, the innovative Nanoparticle reagent for effective DNA
transfection is a combination of a positively charged polymer embedded onto the surface of a uniform porous
nanoparticle which ensures the high compaction of DNA facilitating the endocytosis by the cells.

SmallPorter™ siRNA, based on the same technology, guarantees successful gene silencing by efficient transfection
and cotransfection of siRNA. NanoPortAminTM is a new polycationic liposomal formulation with higher DNA/RNA
binding capacity and lower toxicity than traditional liposomebased reagents. Moreover it extended stability, two years
when stored freeze, ensures reproducibility.