• MagBeads FastDNA Kit for Feces


MagBeads FastDNA Kit for Feces

Aug 31 2021

An Innovative Magnetic-Bead Based Kit Specially Developed for Automated DNA Purification

The MagBeads FastDNA Kit for Feces allows thorough sample lysis and quick isolation of DNA from fecal samples. It is using magnetic beads with high DNA binding capacity for extraction of high yields of pure DNA. This is done manually using a magnetic rack or adapted to automated instruments for high throughput processing.

The kit is equipped with specially formulated buffers to effectively remove various contaminants such as proteins, humic substances, polyphenols and polysaccharides.

It also has proprietary magnetic beads with high binding capacity and selectivity for DNA. The extraction procedure is made up of four simple steps: Lyse, Bind, Wash and Elute.

Extraction can be done manually using a magnetic rack. For high throughput experiments, automation of the experimental procedure can be implemented as the MagBeads FastDNA for Feces is compatible with a wide range of automated nucleic acid purification platforms.

The high-quality DNA isolated with the MagBeads FastDNA Kit for Feces is suitable for a broad range of applications including real-time PCR and next-generation sequencing.

  • HIGH QUALITY DNA: Intact, high yield and free from inhibitors
  • QUICK AND SIMPLE: Manual Extraction in one hour
  • WIDE APPLICATION: Extraction from human and animal feces, intestinal contents
  • HIGH THROUGHPUT: compatible with automated platforms
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: No phenol/chloroform or other toxic chemicals

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