• Enhancing UHPLC performance with high-pressure fluidic connections
    MarvelX™ and MarvelXACT™ high pressure fluidic connections.


Enhancing UHPLC performance with high-pressure fluidic connections

Aug 15 2023

Reliability of next generation UHPLC connections

Biotech Fluidics has released a practical review paper showcasing the effectiveness of its MarvelX™ and MarvelXACT™ high-pressure fluidic connections. The paper highlights how these connections empower users to attain dependable, replicable, and uniform UHPLC performance.

Within this document, fluidic specialists delve into the connectivity hurdles encountered by users operating contemporary UHPLC instruments.

Ensuring a reliable seal at the connection port's base stands as a paramount obstacle when designing fluidic links for UHPLC systems. The innovative design of MarvelX™ and MarvelXACT™ minimises the requisite sealing area for establishing a connection that can withstand UHPLC pressures, markedly diminishing the force imperative for correct connection installation.

Illustrated data underscores how the distinctive configuration of MarvelX™ and MarvelXACT™ fittings streamlines and speeds installation without compromising on high performance. Through changing the sealing mechanism and a substantial reduction in the necessary installation force, these fittings eliminate the risk of harming essential components of UHPLC instruments.

Capitalising on a torque-limiting mechanism that prevents excessive tightening, the data presented illustrates how MarvelXACT™ high-pressure fluidic fittings empower users to attain consistent and reproducible performance, sustaining pressures of up to 19,000 psi even after 100 repeated applications.

Through the streamlined and expedited installation process that maintains high performance across numerous repetitions, as well as the prevention of harm to crucial components of UHPLC instruments, MarvelX™ and MarvelXACT™ fittings have the potential to yield substantial cost savings of thousands of Euros annually for UHPLC laboratories.

Download this informative review paper.

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