• Non-invasive device monitors ultra-low fluid flows
    The Biotech Micro Flow Meter.


Non-invasive device monitors ultra-low fluid flows

Oct 26 2023

Biotech Fluidics presents the Micro Flow Meter, a cutting-edge device designed for the continuous real-time monitoring of ultra-low fluidic flows. This innovative tool is optimised to operate within the flow range of 100nl to 80 µL/minute, offering an unprecedented high resolution of 1nl/minute. The Micro Flow Meter is the ultimate solution for ensuring the consistency of various applications, including UHPLC, LC/MS, high precision flow cytometry, and micro-/nanoscale fluidics.

At the core of the Biotech Micro Flow Meter lies a high-resolution thermal flow sensor renowned for its exceptional accuracy and sensitivity. This device is compatible with a wide range of solvents, and its non-invasive nature ensures the seamless operation of your entire fluidic system.

The Biotech Micro Flow Meter empowers you to continually monitor fluidic flows within your system while simultaneously providing valuable insights into pump performance. With an intuitive software app, it delivers real-time reporting of average, minimum, and maximum flow values. Its adaptable integration times make it easy to detect flow pulsations and system drift.

Compact and user-friendly, each Biotech Micro Flow Meter comes with PC software that enables continuous recording, monitoring, and the storage of measured flow rate data. All flow data collected by the Micro Flow Meter is automatically saved in files that can be easily processed using most commercial data analysis packages.

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