• The Ultimate SPE Machine in Speed and Performance 


The Ultimate SPE Machine in Speed and Performance 

Mar 14 2014

The TurboTrace® Parallel SPE system is modular, expandable and designed to isolate analytes of interest from a wide variety of liquid matrices such as urine, blood, water, milk and  beverages. Sample sizes range from 2 mL to unlimited and use the same bottle the sample was collected in. Sample loading rates are programmable. A vacuum or positive pressure pump is used to load samples onto the SPE cartridges at unprecedented speeds and it easily handles both clean and tough sample matrices. The TurboTrace SPE system can deliver up to 8 extracts from 1 litre sample  simultaneously in less than 20 minutes. The TurboTrace Parallel SPE system delivers the extract automatically to the Super which concentrates samples directly to a GC vial ready for injection.


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