• New SPE Filter for Faster Sample Loading
    The EZ Cartridge RP-1 from GL Sciences.


New SPE Filter for Faster Sample Loading

Mar 10 2022

GL Sciences has introduced a new SPE filter, the EZ Cartridge RP-1. Using this filter, the sample loading time is much faster compared to conventional cartridges.

Using a combination of PTFE fibres and our RP-1 polymer (methacrylate-divinylbenzene), a 0.5mm thick layer is created. Due to this thin layer, sample loading times are 5 times faster. The particle diameter is only 10µm, creating a large surface area for the analyte to interact with. While having a very thin layer, the small particle size results in the analyte to not break through the SPE layer.

EZ Cartridge RP-1 can best be used in the analysis of pesticides in water. the flow rate of a sample through a typical SPE cartridge is 10-20 mL/min, whereas the EZ cartridge can be used with speeds of 100 mL/min. It will show sufficient recovery of the compounds of interest.

EZ Cartridge RP-1 is a hydrophobic SPE cartridge, in functionality comparable with the well-known HLB cartridges. It is ideal for working with watery samples, whether small or large quantities are available. For more information and the pesticide application, please visit the website.

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