• Solvent- and Waste Level Sensor


Solvent- and Waste Level Sensor

Mar 15 2023

Introducing the GL Sciences SR-13 Solvent Level Sensor for Chromatography - the cutting-edge solution for solvent level monitoring in your chromatography process.

Accurate solvent level monitoring is of critical importance in chromatography. Any deviations from the desired solvent level can compromise your analysis done, resulting in costly rework and lost productivity. That's why the GL Sciences SR-13 Solvent Level Sensor was developed, a state-of-the-art solution that ensures precise and reliable solvent level measurements.

The GL Sciences SR-13 Solvent Level Sensor utilises advanced ultrasonic technology to provide high-precision measurements of liquid levels, regardless of the solvent. Even the difficult to monitor solvent Chloroform is no problem. Its non-invasive design eliminates the need for any contact with the solvent, preventing contamination and preserving solvent integrity. The solvent level changes are detected at high accuracy.

The sensor is easy to install and operate, with a simple interface that shows the actual status of your solvent level at a glance. The sensor stands alone and easily works in combination with any LC brand. Upon request an RS232 port can be installed for direct communication with your LC system to stop your LC instrument when the solvent level runs low. And with its compact and durable design, the GL Sciences SR-13 Solvent Level Sensor fits in any laboratory.

One GL Sciences SR-13 Main unit can connect to three separate sensors, either for your 1 litre solvent bottle or your waste container(s). By using two solvent sensors, your gradient method is safe from depleting unnoticed. The interface shows the measured level by displaying 1-4 LED lights. Once the solvent level drops below 25%, one orange LED will show. In case the solvent level drops below 10%, a red LED will start blinking and a continuous sound will be heard.

GL Sciences is committed to delivering the highest quality solutions to their customers. The GL Sciences SR-13 Solvent Level Sensor for Chromatography is no exception - it is a reliable and accurate tool that will help you optimise your chromatography process.

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