• New Mass Spectrometer for the UHV Researcher


New Mass Spectrometer for the UHV Researcher

Mar 04 2009

Hiden Analytical present the EPIC series quadrupole mass spectrometers specifically designed with maximum flexibility for diverse processes and phenomena at UHV and XHV pressure regimes, with measurement of neutrals, radicals and of both positive and negative ions. Applications include temperature desorption monitoring (UHV TPD), molecular beam analysis and laser reaction studies, together with all of the functions of a high-performance residual gas analyser. All systems feature pulsed ion counting detection for fastest measurement of both positive ions and negative ions, the 200eV control of probe energy optimising transmission of externally generated ions for maximum sensitivity and mass resolution. Integral timers provide data acquisition gating for pulsed gas and pulsed ion experiments with gating resolutions to 100 nanoseconds.

Ionisation of general vacuum and of molecular beam species is achieved with a range of integrated electron bombardment ion sources. The scanning electron energy facility enables precise investigation of appearance potentials and, with the optional electron attachment mode, of electro-negative radical species. The series includes mass range options to 1000amu, continuous 7-decade detection from 1 to 10E+7 counts per second, precision three-stage mass filter and the latest Hiden MASsoft Pro software suite with automated mass scale alignment. Multiple scan modes facilitate measurement of external ion energies, ’soft ionisation’ studies and detector optimisation for plateau operation. High-pressure operation is addressed with the addition of differential pumping for operation at pressures through to atmosphere.

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