• Irtron Micro Sample Compartment Microscope for FT-IR


Irtron Micro Sample Compartment Microscope for FT-IR

Jan 23 2007

The Irtronµ microscopy system, from Jasco Europe, provides unprecedented convenience and ease of use for FT-IR analysis of microscopic samples. Irtronµ is compatible with Jasco FT/IR-4000 and 6000 Series. The microscope accessory installs into the spectrometer sample compartment in seconds without optical alignment. The state-of-the art optical design guarantees high through put for highly sensitive measurements of samples approaching 20 microns.

The Irtron micro can be operated by touch panel or via a PC using the Spectra Manager software interface. The sample is observed with the integrated CCD camera and color LCD monitor. Jasco's unique ATOS (Aperture Through Optical System) provides simultaneous viewing of the sample image and sampling location specified by the aperture. An option within the Spectra Manager control package allows auto-saving of the collected spectra as well as the sample image(s).

Three measurement modes are available; Transmittance, Reflectance, and ATR. ZnSe, Ge, and Diamond ATR objectives are available. An optional pressure sensor to protect the ATR elements is also available.

To measure a variety of samples without removing the microscope accessory, optional sample holders are available. The liquid sample holder is provided with three spacers, providing 0.1, 0.05 and 0.025 mm pathlengths. The powder sample holder can be used for diffuse reflectance measurements of five samples.

The Irtronµ can be used with the standard DLATGS instrument detector for samples of 100 microns or greater. For greater sensitivity and samples approaching 20 microns, an optional MCT detector can be installed in the standard instrument. Finally NIR optimized detectors such as InGaAs and/or InSb are also available.

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