• New Chromatography Data System Meets Customer's Requirements


New Chromatography Data System Meets Customer's Requirements

Nov 06 2006

Jasco Europe is pleased to introduce the latest revision of ChromPass, a Chromatography Data System. The new 1.8 version has been significantly enhanced to meet the ever-increasing demands of thousands of users worldwide.

ChromPass provides Jasco HPLC system control, including the X-LC? series of extreme high pressure liquid chromatography instrumentation, data acquisition, processing and interpretation. The software is fully compliant with 21 CFR Part 11.

New method features include: automatic file name generation, peak Identification / re-identification, as well as new automatic and manual integration events. An average Response Factor curve model was added in compliance with EPA's approved method. It is now possible to export global variables and prepare reports in an improved new format. The Report style includes some extra-processing options for export, post-processing and printing.

A new and improved suitability test and summary report are available to perform tests on control samples with added variable selections and chart options.

The latest PDA control is characterised by using a new procedure to extract spectra/chromatograms with the ability to create ratio chromatograms. A new smart spectrum calculator and new spectra printing capabilities, gives users the ability to now print library search results. Finally, the 21 CFR 11 control allows users to sign batch simultaneously with a simplified password management.

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