• Compact GC combines power and precision
    Shimadzu’s new Brevis GC-2050 is a cleverly compact, high-performance GC solution.


Compact GC combines power and precision

Sep 26 2023

Brevis GC-2050

Shimadzu introduces the Brevis GC-2050, a compact alternative to the Nexis GC-2030, known for high-precision gas chromatography. This space-efficient instrument retains analytical excellence while saving valuable laboratory bench space and reducing running costs. It offers versatility in choosing carrier gases, simplifies operation and maintenance with analytical intelligence, and provides flexibility, scalability, and safety in operation with hydrogen as a carrier gas.

Space-saving design

In laboratory setups, space is a precious and costly commodity. Frequently, the number of analyses a lab can handle is restricted by available bench space. Shimadzu's answer to this challenge is the GC-2050. It skilfully combines space conservation with analytical excellence. Compact enough to be accommodated on a standard laboratory table, it enables the simultaneous operation of two analytical lines with standard capillary columns. Like its predecessor, the GC-2030, it employs the same techniques for sample injection, detection, and gas control.

Enhanced display connectivity and flexibility

While the GC-2030 offered a colour touchscreen display on the instrument itself, it was primarily valuable for maintenance and troubleshooting purposes. In the GC-2050, the display interface extends its functionality and connectivity to any MS-Windows-compatible desktop, laptop, or tablet. Tablets or touchscreen-enabled devices offer the most flexible and efficient interaction with the GC-2050, facilitating mobile monitoring.

Versatile carrier gas selection

Helium has traditionally been the go-to choice of carrier gases in gas chromatography. However, due to supply constraints and cost implications, operators have increasingly explored alternatives. The GC-2050's software simplifies this choice by allowing operators to opt for hydrogen, helium, nitrogen, or argon as the carrier gas. Furthermore, the GC-2050 includes robust gas controllers that swiftly detect gas leaks, enhancing laboratory safety.

Reduced running costs

Gas consumption represents a significant portion of GC operational expenses. The GC-2050 employs various techniques to address this concern. For instance, full split flow is necessary only during sample injection, with a gas saver function conserving gas during the rest of the runtime. If helium is used, the gas selector automatically switches to more economical nitrogen and reverts to helium when a new sample analysis commences. During extended periods of inactivity, the GC can automatically shut down, restarting at the operator's convenience.

Simplified maintenance and shutdown automation

The Analytical Intelligence feature simplifies maintenance procedures and predefined column conditions, all accessible with a single click or swipe. It also automates predefined GC shutdown and restart procedures.

Value-added features

 The Brevis GC-2050 offers more than just space-saving and cost-efficiency. It supports flexibility and scalability, accommodating various detectors and injectors, and is compatible with multiple chromatography data software platforms. Additionally, it can be equipped with ClickTek technology, facilitating rapid capillary column exchange.

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