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i-make the difference

Apr 27 2022

The i-volution in HPLC analysis continues

The advanced i-Series of compact (U)HPLC systems has evolved to include Analytical Intelligence in the LC-2050 HPLC and LC-2060 UHPLC systems. The products combine high-speed analysis, simplified method transfer, automated sample pre-treatment, minimised environmental impact and easy maintenance with the flexibility of working remotely.

Since its release in 2014, the original i-Series liquid chromatograph has achieved sales of over 20,000 units. It combines superior basic functions and high-speed analysis in a compact table-top system, and its excellent usability significantly reduces the burden on the operators. These features have led the i-Series to be adopted worldwide for quality control, specification testing and R&D purposes in a wide range of fields such as food and environmental science, chemistry and particularly in the pharmaceutical industry.

Retaining the excellent basic functions of the compact ‘i-Series’ instruments, the Advanced i-Series boasts increased pressure resistance and additional functions to support remote work. It addresses the demands of an increasingly varied range of users, locations and approaches to analysis while always delivering highly reliable analytical results. Today, times also call for the possibility of an analytical environment that can deliver identical results regardless of whether the analyst is present in the laboratory, an expert user or new to the operating procedures. Use of the Advanced i-series is intuitive and user-friendly, for reliable, reproducible data, independent of the analyst’s experience level.

The ‘Advanced i-Series’ applies Analytical Intelligence automated features such as mobile phase monitoring for continuous analysis, a mobile phase flowrate control function, and i-PeakFinder for automatic peak integration. Analytical Intelligence relieves operators from organisational, input and processing efforts as it allows systems to detect and resolve issues automatically, enabling users to easily review instrument status, optimise resource allocation and achieve higher throughput. Analytical Intelligence makes lab management simple and enables higher productivity, maximum reliability and better connectivity.

Key features of the i-series include innovative, intelligent and intuitive characteristics increasing work efficiency, data reliability through software integration and ease-of operation and maintenance.

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