• Single Molecule Force Spectroscopy Studies


Single Molecule Force Spectroscopy Studies

Mar 02 2010

JPK Instruments is happy to announce the latest member of their nanotechnology characterisation systems family: the ForceRobot®300 - the new standard in single molecule force spectroscopy.

The key to obtaining meaningful results from single molecule techniques such as force spectroscopy is the statistical management of the results. This is where the new ForceRobot®300 technology delivers the solution. The automated setup and continuous adjustments provide improvements in the efficiency of data collection while the integration of optical techniques allows targeted measurements where the molecules of interest are located. These factors, combined with the highest data quality and stability, open the field of single molecule force spectroscopy to a new level of results.

The key to the system is the incorporation of intelligent software for experimental design, data acquisition and evaluation. Tens of thousands of force curves may be generated and evaluated in a matter of hours. To produce high quality curves requires an exceptional instrument with the lowest noise floor and the most rigid mechanical design. The highest accuracy and stability of the instrument is ensured by integrated capacitive position sensors with drift being minimised thorough utilising a symmetrical system design.

The system may be operated in a stand-alone mode to give maximum access and flexibility to the sample. Alternatively, it may be mounted on top of an inverted optical microscope to enable simultaneous force spectroscopy and fluorescence microscopy. Both versions are available with a choice of positioning stage. While the basic motorised stage will provide positioning to better than one micron, the Precision Mapping Stage uses closed-loop control with noise levels to better than 0.3nm with positioning to about 1nm.

Like all JPK’s advanced instruments, the ForceRobot®300 has many further options for fluidics and temperature control to enable the most reproducible results.

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