• Newly enhanced online resource for calprotectin testing

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Newly enhanced online resource for calprotectin testing

Jun 17 2024

Alpha Laboratories has re-developed its popular website to meet increasing demands for knowledge, resources and support for calprotectin testing.

The site was originally launched in 2013, when the NICE DG11 guidance, ‘Faecal calprotectin diagnostic tests for inflammatory diseases of the bowel’, was first issued. Since then, the benefits of this testing method have been increasingly realised and its usage for diagnosis and monitoring of IBD has grown significantly.

The original purpose of Calprotectin.co.uk was to provide a centralised resource to help raise awareness and educate healthcare professionals about the benefits of the test, bringing together evidence through publications, case studies and reports, alongside product information. With calprotectin testing becoming more routinely used, the audience grew from just clinicians, expanding to patients seeking knowledge.

With this in mind, the new website has been designed with dedicated zones to support the separate needs of its visitor types. For healthcare professionals there is a wealth of technical information, publications and product specifications. The patient zone is tailored specifically for individuals suffering from IBD. This new area offers valuable information, guidance, and resources to deepen a patient's understanding of Calprotectin testing. From practical tips on sample collection to comprehensive tutorials on using the IBDoc self-test and CALEX extraction device, patients will find the extra support they need to navigate their condition effectively.

With improved optimisation for mobile, the updated website boasts a fresh design, new page layout and has a renewed focus on empowering IBD patients to take an active role in managing their condition. Detailing Alpha Laboratories’ diverse range of BÜHLMANN products for Calprotectin testing, it provides a focused platform for choosing the most appropriate method to meet testing requirements, whether that be home based, point of care or high throughput laboratory assays.

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