• Dispense pumps address fluidic challenges in evolving medical-IVD instruments

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Dispense pumps address fluidic challenges in evolving medical-IVD instruments

Aug 16 2023

The Challenge

As the landscape of medical in vitro diagnostics (IVD) rapidly evolves, instrument designers face multifaceted challenges in meeting emerging demands, especially in critical areas such as COVID-19 testing. This growing market necessitates greater efficiency, throughput, and reliability, all while simplifying fluidic techniques and instrument size to cater to point-of-care testing without sacrificing performance. Additionally, the trend towards smaller specimen samples for accurate reagent delivery amplifies the need for precision.

The solution: LPD Series Variable Volume Dispense Pumps

In tackling these challenges, optimised fluidic techniques emerge as crucial components such as variable volume dispense pumps. The LPD Series of Variable Volume Dispense Pumps, developed by 'Innovation in Miniature' specialists, The Lee Company, stands as a testament to success in this realm. These pumps, a mainstay in the medical/IVD sector, exemplify size efficiency and exceptional durability, capable of enduring up to 10 million cycles, a feat unmatched in the field. This longevity ensures seamless integration into systems without recurring service interruptions.

Maintenance-free efficiency

A distinguishing factor of the LPD Series pumps is their maintenance-free operation. Unlike traditional syringe pumps that require periodic upkeep, the LPD Series boasts both extensive cycle ratings and reliability. This flexibility empowers strategic pump placement based solely on fluidic needs, leading to accelerated aspiration rates, enhanced throughput, and shorter testing cycles. Integration of valves and components in the port head design minimises leakage points, offering design flexibility.

Advantages and applications

The LPD Series pump emerges as an indispensable tool in overcoming the challenges inherent in cutting-edge diagnostic instruments, setting benchmarks in performance and reliability. It finds success in applications ranging from reagent dispensing and aliquoting to probe washing and sample preparation, ensuring steadfast reliability and precise dispense accuracy at a cost-effective investment.


In an era of rapid medical IVD advancements, the LPD Series Variable Volume Dispense Pumps provides a solution that helps instrument designers achieve efficient, reliable, and accurate results. By optimising fluidic techniques and embodying longevity, these pumps contribute to the evolution of medical-IVD instruments and their critical role in modern healthcare.

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