• Tackling Helium Shortage Compendium - Helium Saving Options & Alternative Gases for GC/GCMS


Tackling Helium Shortage Compendium - Helium Saving Options & Alternative Gases for GC/GCMS

Jun 21 2023

This comprehensive resource aims to address the growing concerns surrounding helium scarcity and offers valuable insights into helium saving/reduction options as well as alternative carrier gas options.

Gas chromatography plays a vital role in a wide range of scientific applications, including pharmaceuticals, environmental analysis, food and beverage testing, and more. However, the reliance on helium as a carrier gas has become a pressing issue due to its limited availability and rising costs. In response to this challenge, Shimadzu has taken a proactive approach by developing strategies to conserve helium and explore alternative gas options.

The compilation of resources, accessible here, serves as a comprehensive guide for laboratories seeking to reduce helium consumption and ensure uninterrupted chromatographic analysis. It offers a wealth of information on helium-saving techniques, optimised instrument settings, and innovative technologies designed to maximise efficiency while minimising helium usage.

"At Shimadzu, we are committed to providing sustainable solutions that empower laboratories to overcome challenges and improve their analytical capabilities," said Andrew Clissold, GC/GCMS Product Manager at Shimadzu UK. "With the growing helium scarcity, it is crucial for laboratories to adopt helium conservation strategies and explore alternative gas options. Our new webpage serves as a valuable resource, offering practical insights and recommendations to address this pressing issue."

The webpage highlights various strategies for helium conservation, such as the use of carrier gas selector valve, automated software features and column dimension optimisation. These measures not only help laboratories save helium but also enhance analytical performance and reduce operational costs.

In addition to helium-saving techniques, the resource delves into the realm of alternative carrier gases, presenting laboratories with viable options in the absence or shortage of helium. Shimadzu provides comprehensive information on the benefits, limitations, and best practices for utilising other gas options, including hydrogen and nitrogen. By leveraging these alternatives, laboratories can achieve reliable and reproducible chromatographic results.

Shimadzu's expertise and commitment to innovation have enabled the development of cutting-edge technologies that facilitate the adoption of alternative carrier gases.

To further support laboratories in their transition towards helium conservation and alternative gas options, Shimadzu offers comprehensive training, technical support, and application guidance. Their team of experts is dedicated to assisting customers in implementing sustainable practices and achieving optimal chromatographic performance.

Shimadzu invites scientists, researchers, and laboratory professionals to visit the gas options webpage and explore the wealth of resources available. In addition, any interested parties are encouraged to contact Shimadzu directly to discuss the options available in more detail. By embracing helium conservation strategies and employing alternative carrier gases, laboratories can drive scientific progress while minimising the environmental impact and operational costs associated with helium usage.

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