• Autosampler Series Features the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership in the Headspace Market


Autosampler Series Features the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership in the Headspace Market

Aug 09 2016

HT2000H series autosamplers by HTA represent the ideal solution for headspace injection in GC and GC-MS analysis, featuring innovative functionality, ease of use and extraordinary performance to satisfy the most demanding needs.

HT2000H series include 3 different models: HT2000H, the standard headspace autosampler that can handle 42 vials and is equipped with a 6 position oven; HT2100H, the autoinjector that represents the optimal alternative to manual headspace offering automation for processing up to 14 samples; the latest model HT2000HT, that extends support to high temperature applications, featuring sample incubation temperatures up to 300°C.

HT2000H headspace injection is made by means of a high performance, gas-tight heated syringe. This is a simple and robust system that eliminates the dead volume and absorption effects, typical of sample loops and transfer lines, which can also impede their detection at very low levels. The HTA syringe-only concept allows for sequential injections, even with samples characterised by highly dissimilar features. Even the most chemically active compounds can be analysed, without needing to change any of the sample pathways. Furthermore, it permits adjustable sample volumes without loop changes.

HTA headspace autosamplers leverage on new patented technology that enables system integrity test and vial leakage check, to provide additional robustness to the headspace analysis.

HT2000H series autosamplers, through an innovative quick-fix mounting kit, allows the installation on all GCs and GC/MSs (brand and model independent) and also the autosampler hot-swap: you can remove the autosampler and put back in place, without any complex mechanical disassembling-reassembling operation. Therefore the headspace autosampler becomes a plug-in module easy to move across different GCs as soon as lab productivity changes.

Despite its undoubted quality, HT2000H series represents also a cost effective choice.

HTA customers start saving on day 1 by purchasing the autosampler at a very competitive price, and continues to save thanks to the lowest total cost of ownership on the market. The HT2000H does not need carrier gas as gas is used only for purging between samples. In addition, it has no o-rings or seals to replace, saving hours of unnecessary downtime. Finally, it does not require magnetic or special caps, because vial transport is positive and reliable. It also allows to shut off heating when the run is completed, in order to reduce electrical consumption.

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