• 7 tips and tricks to help you pipette like a Pro


7 tips and tricks to help you pipette like a Pro

Apr 17 2024

Correct pipetting techniques can significantly improve your results, as well as enhance working comfort and reduce the risks associated with RSI. Here, Liquid Handling experts Starlab share seven tips and tricks to help you Pipette like a Pro.

Pipetting liquids is a fundamental aspect of scientific research. In recent years, laboratories have experienced an increased workload resulting in additional hours spent pipetting. Extended periods of pipetting can lead to fatigue, discomfort, and the risk of injuries. Employing correct pipetting techniques will not only significantly improve your results but can also reduce discomfort and the risk of repetitive strain injuries (RSI).

Recognising this challenge, Liquid Handling experts, Starlab, produced a brief tutorial video to help you 'Pipette like a Pro'.

This informative but fun video is introduced by Starlab’s ErgoOne® single-channel pipette, renowned for its lightweight and ergonomic design. The full 'Pipette like a Pro' tutorial covers topics such as correct pipetting technique, ergonomic practices, and invaluable tips to avoid common pipetting errors. Here are the top three tips:

Find the perfect match:

Starlab explains why selecting the appropriate volume pipette and tip for your sample is crucial for accuracy. Pipetting pros will always choose a tip volume that minimises dead air space to ensure precise sample volume dispensing.

Get into the comfort zone:

Find out why a disorganised lab bench and not being comfortable while pipetting can affect your pipetting technique. Starlab provides tips and tricks on how to get organised so pipetting does not become a pain.

Gently does the trick:

Discover why good tip fit is essential for pipetting accuracy and why using high-quality pipette tips, such as Starlab’s TipOne® pipette tips - and a well-maintained pipette will make your workflow easier and your results more consistent.

These tips and tricks are three important but simple ways to enhance your pipetting experience. Click here to watch the full 'Pipette like a Pro' tutorial and discover all seven topics that will help you Pipette like a Pro.

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