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Innovative Freezer Racking for Sustainable Storage Space

Jun 01 2023

New Starlab freezer racking provides more order in the laboratory

A tidy workplace is half the battle. For busy scientists in the lab, however, it can be a challenge to keep track of everything. With its stainless-steel freezer racks, Hamburg-based life science company Starlab Group solves this problem - and more than ever. With 23 new models, the labware manufacturer is now expanding its range. After all, a tidy freezer encourages scientists to keep it in such a way that they can find their samples quickly and work more efficiently. Most importantly, the use of freezer racking is another step towards more environmentally friendly laboratories.

Efficient, flexible and sustainable: These are some of the features of Starlab's newly developed stainless-steel racks for upright and chest freezers. On the one hand, the new series of freezer racks allows samples to be stored easily in a stable and safe manner. On the other hand, the use of freezer racking provides practical and sustainable benefits.

By using freezer racks, laboratories can optimise their freezer’s storage capacity, which in turn leads to greater energy efficiency. "With an optimised storage space and an organised working environment, scientists not only save energy, but also valuable time that they can devote to research. A tidy shelf is not only a symbol of order, but also an important step towards a more sustainable future," said Denise Fane de Salis, Managing Director Starlab UK.

Manufactured in Germany from 85% recycled stainless steel and in a factory that runs on 100% sustainable energy, the new freezer racks have a reduced carbon footprint, making an important contribution to sustainability. An organised laboratory freezer can also reduce energy consumption by minimising the time the freezer door is open when searching for samples.

Thanks to the latest laser cutting technology, the shelves have no sharp edges and are easy to slide into place. The new stainless steel freezer racks are suitable for all laboratories requiring a flexible storage solution for their samples, with freezer racks available for both upright and chest freezers.

For upright freezers, there are racks with side access and a folding handle on the front for easy removal, as well as racks with pull-out shelves to provide convenient access to the storage boxes without having to remove the whole rack. These racks feature grippers on the front that ensure easy handling even with special gloves. For chest freezers, tower racks are available with a locking rod to keep samples securely in place, and a handle on the top for easy removal from the freezer. All the new freezer racking is suitable for use with standard storage boxes up to 136 x 136 x 53 mm. The racking for upright freezers with pull-out shelves is also available for use with Starlab’s StarStore 100 storage boxes.

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