• Step into the Future of Lab Work: TipOne<sup>®</sup> Pipette Tips  - Your Key to Reliability and Sustainability!


Step into the Future of Lab Work: TipOne® Pipette Tips  - Your Key to Reliability and Sustainability!

Oct 03 2023

Whether it's decoding the human genome, pioneering cell reprogramming technology, or developing a vaccine that saves millions of lives, it all usually starts with simple tools and techniques, a petri dish, and a pipette tip. Pipette tips like TipOne® from Hamburg-based labware manufacturer, Starlab, are so much more than just a piece of plastic. They are the foundation of the scientific process, the first steps on the path to changing the world.

25 Years of Innovation: The Birth of TipOne

In 1998, Starlab introduced TipOne, a groundbreaking pipette tip that revolutionised the industry. Prior to TipOne, researchers and lab technicians faced challenges with pipette tip compatibility. Different pipette models from various suppliers often didn't fit well with the tips. Starlab's vision was to create pipette tips compatible with all common pipettes, regardless of the manufacturer. With the introduction of TipOne, researchers and technicians could finally use a single tip that fit their pipettes perfectly. TipOne quickly became an icon in laboratories worldwide, optimising workflows, enhancing efficiency, and improving pipetting accuracy.

A Sustainable Journey: TipOne Sterile Tip Refill System

In 2014, Starlab took another step towards innovation with the introduction of the TipOne sterile tip refill system. This system offered a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to disposable tips while meeting the high demands of laboratory purity and filtration requirements. Starlab's commitment to sustainability was evident as they redesigned the 1-mL tip, reducing polypropylene consumption by approximately 40%. Through this initiative alone, Starlab has saved around 515 tons of plastic.

Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling: Starlab's Ethos

Starlab actively promotes sustainability and recycling in the laboratory industry, embracing the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle. With the TipOne pipette tip system, they have made significant strides in plastic conservation. This includes the use of reusable tip racks and plastic-saving refills, all made of recyclable polypropylene. Starlab has also implemented collection systems for TipOne plastics in various countries, ensuring that their plastics are recycled. The company understands its responsibility as a plastics manufacturer and is dedicated to working with customers towards a greener future.

More Than Just Tips: Starlab's Broad Product Portfolio

Over the past quarter-century, Starlab has expanded its product portfolio. With subsidiaries in Germany, France, the UK, Italy, and worldwide distributors, Starlab offers a wide range of laboratory consumables. This includes single-channel and multi-channel pipettes, cell culture and PCR consumables, gloves, and a diverse range of laboratory instruments such as PCR workbenches, centrifuges, and mixers for general laboratory use. Starlab also provides a comprehensive pipette service for pipettes from all manufacturers.

Towards a Sustainable and Innovative Future

Starlab's commitment to innovation, sustainability, and collaboration with the scientific community remains unwavering. They aim to continuously develop innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs and requirements of their customers. Starlab's goal is to contribute to sustainable and efficient laboratory practices, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in partnership with researchers, technicians, and laboratories. As they celebrate their 25th anniversary, Starlab looks forward to a future marked by further advancements in laboratory technology and environmental responsibility.

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