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Centrifuge Your Samples in Style

Oct 09 2019

High Quality Centrifuge Tubes for Volumes from 0.5ml to 50ml

The new 15ml and 50ml myTube® products further extend the range of centrifuge tubes from Alpha Laboratories. Manufactured in diamond-finish moulds they provide a high-clarity, flawless internal surface that is super smooth to ensure clean release of dispensed samples. The leak-proof flat screw caps with large ridges provide optimal grip and enable convenient one-handed operation. AHN myTube® centrifuge tubes feature graduation marks that are printed in bold easy-to-read black ink which is highly resistant to physical and chemical corrosion. The tubes also come with a large white writing area for convenient sample labelling.

Alongside these large volume centrifuge tubes Alpha Laboratories offers the extensive APEX® range of microcentrifuge tubes with features designed to suit multiple applications for sample storage and processing. The flip-cap tubes in volumes from 0.5ml to 2.0ml offer the ‘Tough’ tubes that have an extra-secure closures and make them ideal for boiling applications. The ‘True-Lock’ tubes feature a locking mechanism on the cap to provide extra-security for your samples. Caps on the ‘Soft-Release’ tubes have a wide flange and are easy to open open-handed. The ‘No-Stick’ tubes are made from a proprietary homopolymer polypropylene with extra-low adhesion and are perfect for working with RNA and DNA.

The APEX® screw cap microcentrifuge tubes provide further options with the choice of conical bottom or free-standing tubes, tethered or separate caps. There is also a version with ‘Tamper-Evident’ screw caps for extra sample security. A range of different coloured caps are also available to support colour coding of your samples and together with the white labelled tubes offer multiple options for identifying your materials.

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