• Getting organised never looked so good

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Getting organised never looked so good

May 24 2024

When handling lots of different samples and reagents, colour-coding can be an ideal way to distinguish between them. Alpha Laboratories offers a range of colourful laboratory products to help you organise your storage and workspace. This will assist you with an efficient workflow, whether enabling easy identification of samples for different testing pathways, separate projects, different process steps or distinct reagents in your lab.

APEX Microcentrifuge Tube Caps are available in a multitude of colours, for the popular APEX screw cap tubes to give you many options when it comes to organising your samples. Buy individual colours for different sample sets or an assorted pack containing a mix of 5.

  • Compatible with 0.5, 1.0 and 2.0ml APEX microcentrifuge tubes
  • Also available in a tethered version, making one-handed use much easier
  • ‘SafeGrip’ screw-caps in an attractive striped design provide a superior grip – ideal when you need to open tubes while wearing gloves

Similarly you can easily identify your samples held in cryogenic storage with coloured cap inserts for our cryovials. These fit into the Classic, Feel the Seal, and Ultimate security ranges of cryogenic vials. Each cap insert has a small hole to enable removal if needed.

It’s not just samples and reagents that can benefit from colour coding.  This can also be a great way to clearly identify a specific work area. The Drummond Pipet-Aids can be fitted with a coloured tissue culture nosepiece, ensuring easy-identification and your lab partners cannot steal your equipment without your knowledge.

Coordinate your tube racks

The 96-position reversible Combirack is compatible with 0.5ml microcentrifuge tubes on one side, with the reverse allowing storage of 96x1.5ml and 2.0ml microcentrifuge tubes.

  • Available in 5 colours, for easily identifying your projects in a packed laboratory freezer
  • Can be autoclaved at up to 121°C and is suitable for use in ultra-low temperature freezers (up to -90°C)

Many other options are also available for everything up to 50ml centrifuge tubes.

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