• Working in partnership to support your science and sustainability

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Working in partnership to support your science and sustainability

Apr 18 2024

For close to five decades, Alpha Laboratories has been steadfastly supporting laboratory and clinical scientists in the UK and around the world with top-tier supplies and assistance for their diagnostic and laboratory requirements.

At the helm of this family-run enterprise lies a profound vision:

“Alpha Laboratories is passionate about finding new and sustainable laboratory solutions designed to further scientific discovery and improve people’s lives, by focusing on three pillars: People, Planet, Culture.”


We firmly believe that transformation begins from within, by cultivating an inclusive, ethical, and diverse environment. Our priorities include ensuring staff well-being, career advancement, and retention. Moreover, we actively engage with our community, educational institutions through STEM initiatives, and charitable organisations.


Taking ownership of our sustainability through recognising and acknowledging our environmental impacts. Ensuring we take accountability publicly for our emissions and investing in carbon reduction methods across the organisation.


Remaining a trusted cultural partner, working within our supply chain to develop and procure new innovative and sustainable solutions to meet customer demands. Ensuring sustainable practices are upheld within the business and supported by the community.

Empowering your objectives

We curate premium products to address the everyday challenges encountered in your laboratory. Additionally, our team can collaborate with you to develop tailored solutions through our personalised custom-design service for various diagnostic and laboratory components. Furthermore, our specialised kits team offers a comprehensive kit design and assembly service, complete with all necessary documentation, ensuring the secure and compliant packaging of high-quality samples for laboratory return.

About Alpha Laboratories Ltd

Our extensive range of top-quality laboratory consumables includes Pastette®, pipette tips, pipettes, liquid handling equipment, microtubes and racks, PCR consumables, and Research Reagents. In the realm of diagnostics, our portfolio encompasses specialised assays, controls, reagents, and instrumentation spanning blood grouping, clinical chemistry, gastroenterology, haematology, haemostasis, immunology, microbiology, and rapid testing specialties.

Alpha Laboratories Ltd holds accreditation under BS EN ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and ISO 14001 standards.

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