• Astell and AstellBio Continue their Commitment to Provide Precisely the Autoclave you Need
    Astell and AstellBio autoclaves are equipped to meet the exact requirement of the end user.


Astell and AstellBio Continue their Commitment to Provide Precisely the Autoclave you Need

Feb 15 2023

The launch of AstellBio’s Sink range – a series of autoclaves designed to specifically to sterilise liquid waste – sees the Astell group continue their commitment to provide laboratories with the exact autoclave they need for their specific needs. This ideology may have its roots in providing the best value for money for their customers, but with a growing awareness of ecological concerns also allows Astell to provide a greener autoclave choice. 

Astell’s autoclaves range in design from benchtop, top-loading, and floor standing, with manual, automatic, single or double doors, in either circular or rectangular chamber cross-sections that range from 33 to 1400 litres. Each has its own advantage, depending on the laboratory layout and user requirements. 

Many laboratories have a fairly regular daily autoclave requirement. By picking an autoclave with a chamber that closest matches this demand, and adding precisely the options required to sterilise the labs loads, an autoclave can be made greener. This is because an autoclave runs most efficiently with a full chamber, so matching the chamber to the load type makes it more energy efficient. Also, by equipping an autoclave with only the options that the user needs removes the energy cost for mining, refining, and producing those parts entirely.

“By 2024 we will have been selling autoclaves for 140 years – that gives us excellent understanding of which autoclave works best for each load type,” said Astell’s Sales & Marketing Director, Paul Birchmore. “Tell us what you want to autoclave, and in what volume, and we’ll find you the most cost and energy efficient autoclave for your needs.”

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