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Changing the Way Chemists Do Chemistry

Apr 02 2006

Carrying out chemical reactions in oil baths is not only dangerous, difficult and messy, but now totally unnecessary. The new Asynt DrySyn MULTI-M is the latest addition to the DrySyn range of reaction blocks, which are changing the way chemists do chemistry. The DrySyn MULTI-M is a highly flexible, modular, single or multiple reaction system, which can be placed on virtually any heating block circular or square. It was designed by chemists and is affordable enough to be given to each and every user. Every detail of the system has been developed to aid the chemist; from the modular nature and high contrast finish to the 10 - 250 ml flask range and acceptance of standard glassware as well as vials and tubes.

The safety aspects of silicon oil baths and mantle systems, means that they are restrictive to successful modern chemistry. The DrySyn MULTI-M is much safer and has unparalleled performance improvements. It is made from anodised aluminium, which combined with its compact size, allows the greatest heat and magnetic field transfer in the market. Up to three 10 ml to 250 ml round bottom flasks sit within the confines of the hot plate and can be heated to 250°C, whilst receiving equal stirring. Furthermore, 12 reactions at a time can be carried out using vials or tubes, again all receiving equal stirring and heating. Staying within the confines of the hotplate, means that even viscose solutions can be evenly stirred and heated. Single reactions can be placed in a central position on the MULTI-M to maximise this heating and stirring efficiency. Furthermore, the specially designed clamp can support all three flasks separately to the hotplate, allowing rapid removal of the heat source from the reactions if required. This feature also makes movement of the flasks between DrySyn MULTI-M units at different temperatures and for instance an ice bath, very easy.

The original and now well established DrySyn MULTI (100 ml maximum scale) was developed in collaboration with the Dept of Chemistry at the University of Cambridge. It has made a significant difference to many research laboratories throughout the World. The same features are incorporated into the DrySyn MULTI-M, so now the chemist has an enviable choice of reaction systems. The DrySyn range, which also includes the original DrySyn CLASSIC for 50 1000 ml round bottomed flasks and the DrySyn MAXI for 2000 - 3000 ml flasks, is a year old this month. The introduction of the MULTI-M shows the commitment of Asynt to develop this range further.

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