• Investment in Lyobeads – A Massive Step Forward for Lyo R&D

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Investment in Lyobeads – A Massive Step Forward for Lyo R&D

Mar 13 2023

Biopharma Group has taken its extensive experience within the freeze-drying industry to help increase lyophilisation productivity, reduce costs and reduce cycle times by increasing lyobead production capabilities. Biopharma Group’s lyobead generation line can create millions of lyobeads a month.

‘Lyobeads’ (lyophilised spheres) are a huge step forward in the lyophilisation field and Biopharma Group has been at the forefront of its evolution. Lyobeads provide significant benefits in addition to those of conventional ‘lyocakes’. Lyobeads are more adaptable to product container changes, which can reduce time for R&D investment. They are suitable for high throughput, giving the possibility to load more into your dryer. From a quality product perspective, a larger surface area means reconstitution time is typically very good. Finally, storage and handling is simplified, since lyobeads can be stored in bulk prior to packaging, making storing and shipping far easier and safer for product viability.

Biopharma Group has invested heavily in lyobead technology and increased its production capabilities accordingly, which has proved to be of great value to R&D customers looking for fast delivery to market. With this move, millions of lyobeads can now be produced each month. Biopharma Group is proud to have designed and developed a ‘lyobeads generator’ which has the capacity to produce lyobeads based on the customer requirements.

Another benefit to of this investment is that, in addition to its R&D services, Biopharma Group can offer a complete end-to-end lyobead production line, consisting of:

  • Procurement and purchasing of reagents
  • Preparation and compounding
  • Generation of frozen beads
  • Freeze drying
  • Quality control
  • Picking-and-Placing
  • Packaging

This increases productivity, reduces costs in the areas of transportation and storage, increases product stability and offers fast reconstitution.

In addition to processing and production, Biopharma Group’s in-house team of scientists can support the design and development of both bespoke formulations and lyo processes. The goal is to create robust lyobeads, easy to reconstitute, that would also preserve the reagent activity.

Learn more about the contract R&D and manufacturing services Biopharma Group offers, or get in touch with your requirements today.

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