• Need quality lyobeads with precise volume & shape? The new LyobeadPRO™ from Biopharma Group is for you

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Need quality lyobeads with precise volume & shape? The new LyobeadPRO™ from Biopharma Group is for you

Oct 31 2023

Lyobeads, aka lyophilized spheres, have become a popular technology in the field of freeze drying to the diagnostics industry, as the primary advantage is their flexibility in formulation. They allow for the development of a single formulation that can be easily adjusted for various applications, even in different container types. This versatility can significantly reduce research and development (R&D) investment, making lyobeads an attractive option for diagnostic companies.

Biopharma Group has been at the forefront of lyobead processing evolution, supporting many customers to increase productivity whilst achieving significant cost and time savings.

To further enhance these benefits, from late 2023, the new LyobeadPRO™, designed and developed by Biopharma Group's technical specialists, will be available to provide a device to produce the highest quality lyobeads with precise volume and shape.

The LyobeadPRO™, is a lyobead generator specifically designed to meet the need for dosing material that is measured by finely adjustable controls to ensure repeatability from bead to bead, with droplets dispensed into a controlled segmented rotating dewar of liquid nitrogen to ensure snap freezing is achieved, avoiding bead aggregation (clumping).

Why Choose the LyobeadPRO™?

Dispensing accuracy in diagnostic tests, for example, is crucial not only for technical accuracy but also for ensuring patient safety, meeting regulatory standards, and optimising resource usage – key factors for effective and reliable diagnostics.

By utilising the LyobeadPRO™ in your lyobead processing, you gain from the following:

High-Quality Bead Production: The LyobeadPRO™ is designed to produce lyobeads with precise volume and shape. This is crucial in applications where consistency and accuracy are paramount, such as in the biopharmaceutical and diagnostics industries.

Fine Dosing Control: The instrument offers finely adjustable controls for materials dosing, ensuring that each bead is created with the same amount of material. This level of dosing control is essential for maintaining repeatability from one bead to another.

Versatility: The LyobeadPRO™ is ideal for R&D purposes and can be upscaled for production use. This versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, from initial product formulation testing to mid-scale production.

Bench-Top Device: Being a bench-top sized instrument, the LyobeadPRO™ is space-efficient and can be easily integrated into laboratory settings without the need for a large footprint.

Accurate Bead Size Adjustment: The device allows for accurate adjustment of bead size, which is essential in applications where bead size matters.

Repeatability and Consistency: The high repeatability of exact volumes of liquid ensures that each bead receives a consistent and accurate amount of material. This is crucial for both production and R&D projects where consistency and replicability are vital.

In summary, the LyobeadPRO™ device is a versatile and user-friendly tool that offers precise control over lyobead production, making it well-suited for industries where the quality, consistency, and accuracy is essential.

To request more information about the LyobeadPRO™, contact us today.

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