• MicroPress - The Quantitative Testing Solution for the Latest Evolution in Freeze Drying Technology
    Biopharma Group’s MicroPress.

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MicroPress - The Quantitative Testing Solution for the Latest Evolution in Freeze Drying Technology

Mar 11 2022

Lyobeads, the latest evolution in freeze drying technology, are appearing with increasing regularity in in vitro diagnostics products. Lyobeads take away many of the limitations of lyocakes and are an exciting new way of producing the industrial quantities of product whilst minimising costs. However, lyobeads are not fixed in their container the same way that lyocakes are and so can be more prone to shipment damage. Proper formulation of lyobeads can mitigate that risk but, testing has until recently, always been conducted on a trial and error basis.

With Biopharma Group’s MicroPress, there is finally a solution to quantitative testing of lyobeads’ resistance to shipment related degradation. The system will check and measure Young’s Modulus, a measure of inherent strength and allow the bead with the highest strength, lowest friability and propensity to fracture to be chosen for manufacture. The procedure is simple and fast, taking just 10 minutes a sample meaning multiple formulations can be rapidly screened allowing a robust measure of suitability of each one.

How does the MicroPress help you?

  • It determines key parameters for lyobead quality by using a linear actuator to gently compress the sample to determine the stiffness (Young’s Modulus) and strength (max stress) at failure point.
  • The MicroPress easily measures physical properties to identify the best samples to manufacture.
  • It offers quick analysis times for in situ analysis - no sample prep required, quickly compare multiple samples.
  • It allows you to ensure product quality to the point of delivery by determining how the lyobeads will behave during handling or shipment.

Contact the Biopharma Group specialists to discover more about the MicroPress or to discuss your lyobead production requirements.

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