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Flexible Tubing Solutions for Regulated Environments

Apr 20 2023

Premium flexible tubing for medical and life science applications

Biotech Fluidics has released a new selection of flexible tubing made of traceable, certified PEEK and fluoropolymer materials, suitable for use in regulated environments.

Tubing plays a crucial role in fluidic systems, especially in medical and life science applications. The biocompatibility standards outlined in regulations such as ISO 10993 (for medical devices and dental materials), US Pharmacopeia Class VI (for toxicity), FDA title 21, and EU Regulation 1907/2006 (for DEHP content) impose stringent requirements on the selection of flexible plastic tubing. Therefore, the choice of tubing must comply with these regulations to ensure safe and effective operations in these industries.

FDA-certified with traceability information

To cater to the needs of medical and life science applications, Biotech Fluidics now provides premium, FDA-certified flexible plastic tubing in pre-cut and bulk quantities. Not only does this tubing comply with regulatory requirements, but each supply also includes traceability information such as the manufacturing lot number. Furthermore, upon request, Biotech Fluidics can deliver sterilised tubing assemblies prepared in a cleanroom environment, ensuring the highest level of quality and cleanliness.

As experienced specialists in fluidic systems, Biotech Fluidics is well-equipped to help you find the most suitable regulatory-compliant flexible plastic tubing for your specific needs. The company offers a wide range of precisely manufactured tubing with tight OD and ID tolerances, available for quick delivery. In addition, Biotech Fluidics can provide customised OEM solutions, including pre-cut tubing and mounted fittings that comply with regulations, packaged with your own label and other requirements.

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