• Increase Productivity with the New Benchtop Proficlave Pc20 Media Preparator.

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Increase Productivity with the New Benchtop Proficlave Pc20 Media Preparator.

Dec 11 2007

The ProfiClave PC20, from BioTool Swiss AG is a fast, fully automated, benchtop media preparator. Considered to be the most compact design available, the ProfiClave 20 is capable of producing up to 16 litres of agar and can be used on a regular lab bench.

With a new heating system and an in-built heat exchange module for faster cooling, the ProfiClave PC20 can help increase productivity. 16 litres of agar can be ready in less than 90 minutes. For added convenience, a timer function allows the user to set up this compact preparator in advance so that agar is immediately available when needed.

The ProfiClave PC20 contains a pressure pump to prevent flash boiling and is the first media preparator with integrated atmospheric pressure monitoring, automatically correcting the boiling point accordingly to ensure reliable sterilisation.

Josef Macaluso, Director of BioTool AG, highlighted the easy closing system. “The new ProfiClave series is equipped with a new central lock which closes six safety clamps simultaneously. It can be done with just one hand as less force is required than with standard systems, and the lid is sealed gently”.

A range of 20 programmes can be simply selected using a touch screen and offers a choice of single and double heating cycles, autoclave and heating modes. Used in conjunction with one of the BioTool Petri dish filling systems, the ProfiClave PC20 provides the complete solution for professional media preparation.