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Introducing the VANTAstar™

Feb 11 2022

Introducing the compact simple multi-mode reader with big features and high performance

BMG LABTECH is renowned for producing new and innovative microplate readers, the VANTAstar™ is no exception, designed and built in Germany, engineered for performance and longevity. The VANTAstar™, suitable for up to 384 well plates, is the most compact multi-mode reader we have ever produced, just 35cm wide, 52cm deep and 36cm high, saving valuable lab space whilst providing the high performance scientists expect from BMG LABTECH microplate readers.

The VANTAstar™ although small is packed full of functionality for your lab, from basic research to more complex life science applications, it uses triple technology established by BMG LABTECH with the OMEGA and CLARIOstar® Plus instruments - the Linear Variable Filter (LVF) Monochromator™, filters, and the spectrometer.

The patented dual LVF Monochromator system represents a revolution in monochromator design, providing extreme flexibility of wavelength and bandwidth for excitation and emission, whilst maintaining filter-like light transmission to deliver the best possible performance across all assays. In combination with a proprietary automatic Linear Variable Dichroic Mirror, the selection of the perfect excitation and emission settings for fluorescence assays has never been easier. Luminescence detection with the LVF monochromator allows custom filters for wavelength discrimination or spectral scans. Flash and glow luminescence assays are further improved with automatic crosstalk reduction by eliminating noise from neighbouring samples.

Filters are also available for those assays where ultimate performance is necessary, the innovative design of the LVF Monochromator system enables rapid, tool-free exchange of filters, which are simply held in place by magnets.

Absorbance measurement is completed using the spectrometer monochromator, a robust design with no moving parts that provides rapid spectral acquisition between wavelengths of 220nm - 1000nm, in less than 1 second per well. The spectrometer technology can collect single wavelength, multiple wavelengths, or a complete spectrum with a couple of mouse clicks through an intuitive user interface and is perfect for many applications including nucleic acid quantification, protein determination, colorimetric assays, and microbial growth.

Beyond its detection systems, the reader includes top and bottom optics with automatic fast full-plate auto-focus, improving sensitivity and fluorescent signal, which combined with Enhanced Dynamic Range increases assay windows and data quality while reducing manual intervention. Temperature control and shaking are standard, and the optional Atmospheric Control Unit enables oxygen and carbon dioxide gas regulation: whether growing cells or performing assays at specific temperatures and under physiological conditions, the VANTAstar™ can do it all. An optional reagent dispenser module with software-controlled heater and magnetic stirrer can be used to initiate or terminate reactions by adding stimulants or inhibitors, expanding the utility of the VANTAstar™ yet further.

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