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May 19 2023

BMG LABTECH is a specialist manufacturer of innovative, high-quality, and reliable microplate readers, driven by the desire to equip scientists with the very best instruments for their research. We provide a range of dedicated and multi-mode microplate readers for life sciences and drug discovery applications, and though we have over thirty years in the industry, we are constantly looking to the future, listening to our customers, and ensuring our expert engineering team knows what to develop so we continue to bring through ground-breaking technologies.

BMG Labtech manufacture a range of instruments for all non-isotopic measurements, either as dedicated read mode, or as modular and upgradable units for a variety of assays and budgets. Our monochromator-based multimode instruments, with their adjustable bandwidth monochromator system exemplify how we incorporate our technologies into different products to meet different user needs.

Launched in 2022, the VANTAstar® was designed as a compact, easy to use, lower cost instrument to meet the needs of most life science laboratories: the small footprint saves space, whilst retaining flexibility for users wanting to measure Fluorescence/FRET, TRF/TR-FRET, Luminescence/BRET, Absorbance and Fluorescence Polarisation (UV and Visible range). The VANTAstar includes our patented Linear Variable Filter (LVF) Monochromator™ for high performance fluorescence and luminescence, and a spectrometer - dedicated to absorbance – which means users can dial in their wavelengths and stay flexible as assay needs change. Standard features include top and bottom reading, shaking, incubation to 45°C and the ability to read all plate formats to 384 wells. Injectors can also be fitted to better facilitate rapid enzyme assays and the optional Atmospheric Control Unit (ACU) enables the measurement of real-time cell-based assays under physiological conditions, controlling both CO2 and O2 in the instrument.

The CLARIOstar® Plus launched in 2019 employs many of the technologies found in the VANTAstar but works at higher sensitivity and throughput: its two dedicated detectors – one each for fluorescence and luminescence - enable high performance even up into far-red wavelengths and provide advantages for TR-FRET and luminescence-based assay approaches. An additional capability of the CLARIOstar Plus versus the VANTAstar is the option for laser based AlphaSCREEN® also covering AlphaLISA® and AlphaPLEX®.

The CLARIOstar Plus is considered by many users as a powerful assay development tool: highly flexible, and ideal for both academic and industrial laboratories alike. Users working at higher throughputs, however, will benefit from its stacker compatibility and configurable 1536 well plate reading capability, with upgrade options including barcode readers.

Both monochromator-based instruments benefit from ease-of-use and optimisation features. These include Enhanced Dynamic Range (EDR) function, enabling sample concentrations over a <8 order range to be read on the same plate; Autofocus to reduce assay optimisation time; and our powerful, licence-free software and data analysis tool, MARS, which simplifies downstream analyses and better facilitates instrument use in multi-user laboratories.  MARS also includes support for 21CFR Part 11.

All BMG LABTECH instruments are supported by our expert team of product specialists, applications scientists, and service engineers to ensure our users realise maximal benefit from their microplate readers.

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